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Royal Construction is Family-Owned and Operated, Customer Focused, & Dedicated to Your Home Improvement, Renovations, & Home or Commercial Remodeling Needs!

As a high-quality Omaha remodeling contractor service, Royal Construction Company is committed to providing long-lasting craftsmanship on each and every bathroom, bedroom, or home addition, basement or kitchen remodel or renovation, and any of your commercial construction or home improvement project desires! We not only dedicate our time to beautifying Omaha communities with incredible home remodels, we also are passionate about helping improve Omaha businesses with innovative, functional, and affordable commercial construction and commercial remodeling. Our remodeling company is a locally-owned and operated family business, with over 15 years of experience in the Omaha residential and commercial construction industry. We treat our valued Omaha-area clients like family, with a hands-on approach to customer service. When you choose Royal Construction, you get the benefit of the actual company owner ensuring each remodel, renovation, or home addition meets the “Royal standard.” We communicate with our clients throughout the entire commercial or home remodeling job to ensure that your remodeling project is on track and done right, down to the last detail.

Comprehensive Home Remodeling & Commercial Remodeling Services

Customers from around the Greater Omaha area rely on our company, and we aim to provide customized home remodeling and commercial construction services. We’re fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and our professional Omaha remodeling contractors are able to take on jobs of any size. Choose us if you’re interested in:

Effective communication is a vital part of our business. Our team will keep you updated on our progress, and should any issues arise, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. By being creative and resourceful, we’re able to troubleshoot problems and ensure that all home remodels, additions, and renovations are completed in a prompt fashion.

Hours of Operation

We’re open Monday through Friday, and we have weekend appointments available!

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At Royal Construction Company, we’re committed to working with a great attention to detail, and our Omaha remodeling contractors will strive to bring your home improvement and commercial remodeling ideas to life. Find out more about how we help property owners in Omaha, NE, by contacting us today!

Royal Construction

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