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Royal Construction’s  basement finishing and basement remodeling services help you re-imagine your Omaha home from the ground-up!

Whether you need a complete basement remodel or basement finishing to make your home feel complete, our professional Omaha basement finishing and remodeling contractors offer stunning results. The expert team at Royal Construction works closely with each client to ensure that your basement remodeling project exceeds expectations down to the last detail. We pride ourselves on using the highest-quality materials in all our Omaha renovation and remodeling projects, and strive to create beautiful basement remodeling transformations that are affordable and customized to your budget. Add value, beauty, and usable space to your home when you remodel your basement with Royal Construction!

Basement Finishing

If you have purchased a home with an unfinished basement, Royal Construction can help create the finished basement of your dreams. Our experienced basement remodeling contractors can create and construct any basement additions you can imagine, from a home gym, to a basement home theater, to a full-sized basement wet bar installation for all your home entertainment needs! Royal Construction is here to help you maximize the utility of your home, and that begins with a finished basement.

Interior design and renovation techniques are constantly evolving, so it’s easy for basement designs to start looking outdated after a few years. Moreover, your space and storage needs may change dramatically over time as well. We can help you adapt your basement to meet both the latest styles and the most current needs of your family, whether you want an entertainment center, custom basement bar design and build, a dedicated work area, or an extra bedroom. The best basement remodeling designs leave you with a space that both functions well for your family and looks spectacular.

Basement Design

If you’re short on basement remodeling ideas, don’t worry. Our design experts can help you create any look, and ensure that the space is used as effectively as possible.

Many people today favor a basement that serves as one wide-open room fit for hosting guests. We can carefully take down any walls and give you a more open, inviting space. Alternatively, we can also add walls to create additional bedrooms, storage areas and more! If you’re planning on entertaining guests, we can create a basement remodel that covers all the bases, including a custom basement wet bar, entertainment or rec area, or play spaces for the kids. Whatever your basement finishing and remodeling needs may be, our basement design experts can accommodate you.

Are Basement Remodeling and Basement Renovations the Same Thing? 

Clients often have trouble making the distinction whether they are looking for basement renovation or basement remodeling services. 

BASEMENT RENOVATIONS are generally associated with finished basements that are in need updates or repairs. It’s basically giving your old basement a makeover with “cosmetic” alterations that do not have much of an impact on the original basement design. Essentially, basement renovations involve updating and re-purposing, and is often less intensive than a basement remodel.  We specialize in basement renovations to help restore and repair basement water damage and more. 

BASEMENT REMODELING is often associated with changing the entire layout of the basement, which can include bedroom, bathroom, bar area, or other room additions. Anything that alters the basement floor plan, including installing a new ceiling or plumbing and electrical work can be considered a basement remodel. 

Royal Construction is proud to provide beautiful basement remodels and customized, affordable basement finishing to homeowners in the Omaha area. We make beautiful homes a possibility for any budget. Our contractors work with Omaha clients to find ways to give them the look they want at a price they can afford, and it all starts with a free estimate on any of our basement remodeling and basement finishing services. 

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